Stud Dogs


FTAW Ruxox Tonka Toy of Jackalantern – AKA ‘Deno’

Proven stud dog producing quality trainable pups, there is not a colour he hasn’t produced!
Excellent all rounder with field trial awards, works on the estate, picking up, beating, rough shooting and peg dog.
Deno is Fully Health Tested, BVA Eyes Clear, Glaucoma clear, PRA and FN clear, AMS clear, Hips 5.5, and a low COI.


Clumber Spaniel, MacGiriaght Voracity of Spiderwick – AKA ‘Shiner’

Shiner is a proven stud dog, producing good bone and type clumber pups.
He hunts well, has a good mouth and is willing to please,
Shiner is Fully Health Tested, BVA Eyes Clear, PDP 1 Hereditary Clear, Hips 5.6 Elbows 0.0 and has a low COI.


Lemon Cocker Spaniel, Jackalantern Hedwig – AKA ‘Vinny’

Carries Tan Gene, BVA Eyes Clear, Glaucoma Clear, Hereditary Clear, FN & PRA, HIPS 1.1.